“only in the spirit of love, sacrifice and great cost will we bring our breed to a state of genetic excellence”
Philipp GrünigPhilipp Grünig
“Judge, scientific breeder and profound student of the Dobermann”

Bessy von Niederkassel

Bessy von Niederkassel
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DZB: 86315
DOB: 03-05-1975
Gender: Female
Colour: Black
HD: 2
Height: 64 cm
Rating: SG
Titles: SchH 3, FH, ADPr
Körung: Angekört 1A


  • None in first 5 generations.

Working Results:

  • SchH 3: 98-98-100 = 296 points.
  • SchH 3: 95-92-96 = 283 points.
  • SchH 3: 95-87-99 = 281 points.

D.V. Erstkörung in 1977:

Körklasse 1 A (2 years of age).

Withers Height: 64 cm
Length: 62 cm
Chest Circumference: 76 cm
Chest Depth: 28 cm
Head Length: 27 cm
Muzzle: good depth
Croup: slightly sloping
Back: good topline
Eyes: dark-brown
Chest: sufficient depth + sufficient width
Aggression: very good protective instinct
Test of Courage: very good fighting spirit
Conformation: very good

Bessy von Niederkassel passed the Erstkörung at 2 years of age with highest rating for hardness and working drives (Very high protective instinct and courage) and competed numerous times in Schutzhund III. She was the daughter of Satan von Ellendonk and Blanka von der Au. This combination also produced Biene von Niederkassel and Cona von Niederkassel, and between these three sisters they have set the foundation for some of the most prepotent working lines.

Bessy was the foundation female for the von der Fliehburg Kennel in Germany with her most influential litters being:

  • von der Fliehburg “B” litter with Guys Hilo von Norden Stamm:
    • Bree: SchH 3 and dam of the von der Mooreiche “A” litter.
  • von der Fliehburg “C” litter with Arno vom Frohnberg:
    • Crusha: SchH 3, FH and dam of the vom Worringer Bruch “A, B, C, E” litters (Askan, Anja).
  • von der Fliehburg “E” litter with Ali von Langenhorst:
Satan von Ellendonk
DZB: 82022
HD: B-1
SchH 3, FH
Angekört 1A
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DZB: 78108

SchH 3, DV-DM participant
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DZB: 77881, SchH 3, Bdsg
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SchH 3, FH
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DZB: 79039

SchH 3, Int-Ch
Arco of Fayette Corner
ÖHZB DP: 7759, SchH 3, IDC-Sieger
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SchH 3
Bruck von der Hoffmannsmühle
DZB: 80499
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