“only in the spirit of love, sacrifice and great cost will we bring our breed to a state of genetic excellence”
Philipp GrünigPhilipp Grünig
“Judge, scientific breeder and profound student of the Dobermann”

Papin Amatzon

Papin AmatzonPhoto GalleryPhoto Gallery
SF: 09497/87
DOB: 22-04-1987
Gender: Male
Colour: Black
HD: A-1
Titles: SchH 3, JK 3, HK 3


Working Results:

Finnish IPO Championship

  • 1992: 298 points (1st).
  • 1990: ??? points (2nd).

Papin Amatzon was the winner of the all breeds Finnish IPO Championship in 1992 with 298 points and tested clear for PHTVL / PHPV and CAH. He lived to 11 years of age and died from cancer. His sire, Cäsar von der Klingenstadt, passed the Swedish Körung and came from the same combination that produced the legendary von der Weyermühle “A” litter (Bingo von Ellendonk x Cona von Niederkassel).

Amatzon was owned by Hannele Müller (Kennel von der Doberwache) and below is his most influential working litter and offspring:

  • Doberwache´s “A” litter with Kleo von der Weyermühle:
    • Amatzon: SchH 3, FH 2, qualified SEK Polizeidiensthund and passed the ZTP with 1A rating for character and SG for conformation. He is sire of the von der Weyermühle “S” litter (Shannon, Snoopy); vom Merkureck “G” litter (Gini); vom Haus Weissenberger “J” litter (Jonas) and von der Urftquelle “C” litter (Curd, Cleo).
Cäsar von der Klingenstadt
DZB: 95988
HD: A-1
SchH 3, IPO 3
Bingo von Ellendonk
DZB: 86210
HD: A-1
SchH 3, FH, Ang. 1A (ZVA), DV-Lstsg
Jago von Beelen
DZB: 83381, SchH 2, Angek. 1A (ZVA)
Palma von Ellendonk
DZB: 81331, SchH 3, FH, DV-Lstsg
Cona von Niederkassel
DZB: 88722
HD: A-1
SchH 3
Satan von Ellendonk
DZB: 82022, SchH 3, FH, Angekört 1A
Blanka von der Au
DZB: 82631, SchH 3, FH
Papin Orinda
SF: 134364/82
HD: A-1
Onyx vom Herrnberg
DZB: 91775
Brutus von Nymphenburg
DZB: 88920, SchH 3, FH, Angekört 1A
Hella vom Herrnberg
DZB: 87684
Fanja von der Birkenrinde
SF: 25735E/7
HD: A-1
Kim von Forell
DZB: 85964, HD: A-1
Günthersforst Pandora
SF: 16595/68, HD: A-1, SF MVA